Adults Courses

"Without Greek Studies, there is no education."

Leo Tolstoy  

Our Adult Conversation Instructors have a master’s degree in teaching Greek as a foreign language, studied linguistics and have taught Greek to adults for many years.

The lessons are created especially for people with English as their first language. It is a step-by-step process through discrete features of grammar on how to strategize in communicating with even limited Greek The student, through frequent review and practice, will be engaged directly with the Greek alphabet with no aids from Latin (English alphabet) characters..

Short readings utilizing each new feature and building on what has been previously covered will produce a feeling of real accomplishment. Pronunciation will be analyzed. In addition, a section on orthographic tips for students who know some Greek but have never learned to write. Inevitably, such spelling sessions illuminate the origins of English vocabulary, sometimes to the astonishment of everyone. While much of the class is devoted to formulating Greek sentences, the class usually ends with a period of attempts at casual conversation. Laughter is a regular result.

The study of a language always brings revelations of a cultures unique perspective. Some have brought gasps as students come to understand why our Greek parents said the things they said.


HOURS PER WEEK: 1-3 hours
MAX CLASS SIZE: 6 students


AGES RANGE: 19 years old and older


*siblings discounts available

*$100 non-refundable cancellation fee